Saturday, 26 December 2009


I've been meaning to do a post about my birthday for ages but I've been far too busy watching TV and eating myself silly. Yesterday was the last of the silly eating days. I think.

I'm loving being at home. One of my favourite things to do is browse properties on the internet because I literally cannot wait to live in London. I have a place in LA now and I'll be going back there in Jan but at some point next year I am making London my home again.

I missed my friends so much whilst I've been away and my birthday was the first time we'd all been in the same place at the same time. I picked a cosy pub called The Lansdowne for my birthday festivities. It was freezing outside but the fire and the champagne kept us all warm.



My Zahra. Looking very French. I love the beret and red lips.

Gil. One of three Goldberg boys. I have the best one but the other two aint bad. Gil is working the Gangster look here.

I'm SO excited by the cake. Clapping my hands and all sorts.



My Daren aka Kevin Morosky. My mum calls him her second son. Read his blog here. He takes great pictures on a disposable camera.

At some point in the evening I decided I actually wanted to BE Daren. I took his glasses, his hat and his camera. I found myself HILARIOUS. Everybody else did not.

Cyrena from Garbelle. She made me a gorgeous jacket for my birthday. It's so perfect. Hand made presents rock.

Gemma. She is rocking the bad ass pocahontas look and KILLING it!

Jenni and Stepford. Stepford is called Stepford because she IS a Stepford wife. She bakes whilst wearing a frilly apron and red lipstick. She's my Idol. Jenni is all kinds of awesome :)

Ithai. Another Goldberg boy. I think he wanted to be Daren too.

One of the first things I did when I got to London was take my fur out of storage. I love this coat so much. It cost me 40 pounds from Portobello Market and it's seen me through many winters. (um why is there no pound sign on this computer!?!) I have no idea what fur it is or if it's even real fur. It has been the subject of many a debate. It's super rough and moults like a mutha f**ker... but I love it.



Oscar and I have spent our days hibernating. He takes it very seriously....

He'll even squeeze into a bag if needs be.

I might send that picture to American Apparel. He could easily be a model for them.

This is pretty much my favourite outfit to wear at the moment. A look I like to call: 'Crazy Theatre Dame Chic'.
Kimono: vintage. Leggings and hat: American Apparel. Butterfly vest: TopShop. Leopard scarf (used as belt): H&M.

My darling boy surprised me and bought me the gorgeous heart ring in the above picture. I lusted after it whilst I was in NY. It's an antique from 1880. I adore old rings, actually I adore most old jewellery. This ring made me yearn for it. I went back into the shop so many times and then one day it wasn't there! I was so heart broken.... and then months later my boy gave it to me for my birthday. I have no idea how he managed to keep it a secret for all that time but I'm glad he did.


Fashion Chalet said...

Merry Christmas, Ash! :)

I love your nails, fur, bag and eyeliner. You wear it the way Audrey did. And I love that. :)

*Tips for the perfect lined eye?


Treva said...

i love the striped dress & your makeup looks amazing.

Ashley said...

Fashion Chalet -Thanks lovely!

Ok I've worn eyeliner everyday since I was 16, I seriously feel nude without it and kind of do it on auto pilot now! Mt tips are: Mac gel liner and and a thin angled brush and if you have the time do your mascara first and wait for it to dry so you have a hard lash base to work on. NARS eyeliner rocks too! xx

kitty said...

I love your fur coat. I am afraid to wear a fur coat in the states:(.
If you have a MAC a '£' sign is option+3.

I can tell you miss London. I love London and the rest of Europe. There is something magical about Europe.

Haha, I got a kick out of reading the pub menu in the backround! haha Roast Pheasant!

Fashion Chalet said...

Will have to practice, but you make it look so effortlessly perfect. Merci! ;)


Ashley Mangat said...

You're so bloody gorgeous. I should hate you. But I can't... you're a hot fur lovin' mess like myself. Epic.

Happy Christmas Ashley!

Ashley said...

Treva- Thanks! xoxo

Kitty- I was doing my blog on the boy's computer and he had an american. I'm back on my own mac now and can use the British £ to my hearts content! ££££££££ :) x

Ashley Mangat- We are two fur loving Ashleys! x

augustlovers said...

Ha Ha - I think the pic of you with Daren's hat, glasses + camera is ADORABLE! I'm loving your blog! xx

Anonymous said...

I love this post!

Anonymous said...


I found your blog and I added to my favorites before I watched TBL.!!

I really adore the show and defenately Marissa is my favorite character!

Happy Holidays..Wish you the best!!

with love,

Fashion Chalet said...

^^ agreed on Marissa being the best on TBL <3

thanks for the comment, would love yourrrr fur!


Rebecca said...

Things I love about this post:

1. Your look, aptly titled 'Crazy Theatre Dame Chic'.

2. You clapping excitedly for your cake.

P.S. All you Brit girls are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, "Happy New Year's!!!", Babe! And upon beholding lovely visions of "smashleybell" on New Year's Eve, the poem below was inspired (wow, what a muse!). Hopefully, you don't mind a guy occasionally waxing poetic 'bout ya, as "...damn, it's truly rather quite the challenge not to, when somehow 'stirred on some such soul level,' ya know?!" ;) Xoxo

_______ perchance to dream_____
- - - - (you are so beautiful!)- - - -

if one could somehow only dream or imagine
yes, envision utter sweet lovliness so, so true -
wow, capture beauty in all its splendid essence
to woman have glorious gorgeousness, imbue!

seemed somewhat merely fantastical, heretofore
babe, encountering your sublime wondrous appeal -
quite alike an artist's most grandest magnum opus
ashley, dear, magnificently, manifested, in the real!


all the shoes that i loveee, amazing collection:)


Ally E. said...

I'm Russian and have been wearing real fur since birth (when it gets below -20 you have to) and I can tell you I'm 95% sure it's fake fur. It looks too rough and not shiny at all.

Ring My Bell said...

Thanks Ally E, but you're too late! It's already been verified as arctic fox.... And no man made fiber has ever kept me as warm ;)