Tuesday, 10 November 2009

On your bike...

Exploration of the garage unearthed a lovely purple bike with flower stickers AND a basket. I was like a moth to a flame and immediately had to ride it. I was too scared to battle with the crazy people who drive on the roads in LA so I confined myself to the tennis court.

Me and the boy felt all inspired by the joy of finding the bike so we had a little impromptu photo shoot.
I love blogs about clothes, the blogger's day to day outfits, street style etc and I liked sharing Marissa's wardrobe with you so I think I'll start showing my own stuff from time to time....

Leather Jacket: TopShop (Studs by moi. I lost sleep over the Balmain one and then finally had to admit defeat and do some DIY). Vest: American Apparel. Skirt: No name boutique in NYC. Bag: Alexander Wang (look how I adore it in the picture!). Boots: TopShop (I love these so much I got another pair in a different colour... or color if you're american). Socks: Free from American airways first class (best socks I own. For real). Belt: J Crew. Lace crop top: American Apparel.


lisa + cathy said...

your so stylish :D and your boy has pretty good photography skills, is he photography? because these picture look absolutely PERFECT. well maybe its because your too pretty

Anonymous said...

Hey, Lovely! Speaking of "...like a moth to a flame," Ashley, please fancy me this, to ponder: how, between " 'your flying ...' of a week ago (soon after last posting) and '...on your bike' " there was this seemingly "eerily, supernatural, mystical occurrence" (...like, basically one in a hundred billion or zillion chance of happening, Dear, ya know?!)--- of truly "mind-blogging" and "mind-blowing" degree! Really, barring seemingly some kinda "divine hand," damn near inexplicable, dontcha think!? I mean, the "friggin' odds!"

And c'mon, be honest, didn't it "freak ya out," jus' a wee bit, too!? :) Coincidence, or not, Sweetheart!? Well, I tend to think/believe, NOT; how 'bout you!? :) XO

Ashley said...

Lisa + Cathy: My boy is an actor but he like to take pictures. He's got a posh camera and everything! Thanks for the lovely comment lovely girls!

Anonymous: I don't know what you mean! But thank you very much for the comment anyway :)

Annie said...

oh man, i love your clothes!
you make me want to go and buy some clothes!

and as for that studded leather jacket, that's just too awesome!

i want to make one!

how long did it take you to make?

love annie xx

Anonymous said...

Ashley, loving your new "Oscar-inspired" blog-face design, babe! Quite Lovely! Hey, together, you two are jus' "too,too, adorable!" :)

And I still say, insist that, "Gosh darnit (really, 'DAMNIT!!!'), he's truly the 'luckiest, cool-cat in the world!'" And he's jus' --- "so seriously, chillin'" ---like, "yea, eat your hearts out, suckas!", so, so cozyly there in your arms like he knows it, too! :) XOXO

Anonymous said...

Oh my god Ashley you are beautiful! Your boyfriend better not let go of you! Are the news regarding TBL being aired on the CW in Summer true?!

If it is... I can't wait to see more Marissa and Sonja fights.

Anonymous said...

Jus' for the record - - - "Imposter Alert!, Imposter Alert!" Not the original "Anonymous," above. :)

While Ashley, I'm sure you likely realized so, as though the message has a tone & tenor similar to something I might say; Sweetheart, any such expression of "amour from moi" would
be in far more intense "gushing and glowing sentiments!" :)

Hey bein' real, I'm sure you've many would-be suitors, given the chance or oppurtunity; for it's so very obvious, Ashley, you're such a truly beautiful & gorgeous woman! But beyond the
superficial, you also seem to possess an amazing depth of interior & soul beauty too which wondrously radiates from you, Darling, nearly rendering you remarkably irresitible! :)

Now, not "hating on your boy," but it boggles the mind somewhat that a lover could be so very "up close & personal"(over any extended period of time) to one as truly dynamically beautiful & lovely as you, Ash; and not desire to declare definitively to you & whole world: "this is 'THE ONE WOMAN,' so very 'fine & divine'I feel so fortunately favored & blessed by God that "I DO..." so wanna unequivocally share my life and journey through this here world with!" :)

Now, perhaps, upon having jus' attended a wedding, he might soon have this "light bulb" moment. On the real, not crossing my fingers for him, though. But, if that's what
would indeed make you truly happy, then I'd be honored to be a possible catalyst, Ashley. :)

However,, in all sincerity, unless there would be one ot those "top secret" destination weddings, where even ET didn't even know about; there'd be a strong likelihood that I'd be moved or inspired to make an appearance to make my declaration at "... speak now or forever hold your peace!" :)

And off the "top of my head" it'd revolve something around: "Ashley, Sweetheart! You know what you said 'bout Oscar, Dear?! Well, I believe in my 'heart of hearts" it should have been me, Darling! And I so, so feel the same 'bout you, too! So Please, Baby, Please ... !?" :) XOXO

Anonymous said...

Ashley, Sweetheart, I'm hoping my earlier blog posting didn't "wierd ya out" at all, or in any way make you feel uncomfortable or cause or give you any kinda pause in sharing your w/end wedding experience, Dear. God only knows, how it's one of the last things in this world I'd wanna be guilty of or responsible for. So, please, please, pretty please, still share those lovely wedding pics with us!? Okay, as I don't desire nearly everybody else out there somewhat "mad or pissed" at me. Thanks! :)

And in my haste to post prior to your sharing of those pics, (...wish there was a "post-edit mechanism" to make corrections of typos); I do know/realize its spelled, "impostor," for all those would-be literary-style critics. :)

Anonymous said...

what kills me is that your on the bike in heels. Mariah voice "so like addidas mad me these for me because I need heels in my life " yellow x

That London girl said...

Your gorgeous
i shall be reading ure blog from now one...
lovely find :)

StylePicks said...

I like your leather jacket


Z-MA said...

GOSH! I love your personal style! And I will admit I feel in love with your character's style first on the show and then I discovered you had wicked style. Your leather jacket inspired me to go a a studding adventure with mines..it needs more character.

Ashley said...

Z-MA- Thanks! Happy Studding!!!!!

M said...

First off, OMG! I was so excited to find your blog, I loved the Beautiful Life and your character was fantastic. I'm excited to see more about you and your fashions!
It would be great for you to check out my blog: http://model-misbehaviour.blogspot.com
I comment from you would be amazing! Take care and keep it up, your pictures are awesome.

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Neche said...

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Karla Bathrick said...

I love the jacket, it suits you! x
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