Saturday, 28 November 2009

Old New York

I'm back in London and loving it! I was walking around Soho looking like a right nut job because I had a huge grin on my face. When I get to London I always have a feeling like 'yep, this is my city'.

I am a londoner through and through.

I got my boy a leica camera for his birthday back in August. He took loads of picures and I've just now gone through them all.

These are all from our time in NYC....
Ben's pizza... Mmmmmmmmmmm.
Nico: Just about to get another tattoo.
On set: I miss Marissa, she was lots of fun to play. I think these pictures are from episode 3. Richie Rich was the guest designer and Marissa wants to become his muse.
Tolga: he came to stay with us for a couple of weeks. He came to all the fashion week things with me. Excuse my raccoon eyes, I still had photo shoot makeup on!
I took this one.

Hearing Jay Z and Alicia's 'Empire State of Mind' make s me smile with fondness at my time in the big city... "if I can make it there"


Anonymous said...

My best friend lives in the Chelsea area of NYC. I noticed signs for 23rd street in some of your photos. You are very photogenic and your BF is a great photographer. Seeing these pictures makes me mis NYC:(.

What does your shirt say in the picture with your friend?

Have you heard Alicia's solo version of 'Empire State of Mind?'

Ashley said...

"Ties must be worn at all times". It's from Paul Smith :)

kitty said...

Hey, I thought that I would let you know that I was reading a comment on YouTube (I think) and somebody wrote that you looked the most "model like" out of all of the girls on TBL. I total agree.
Also, I just watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and the winner of the competition reminded me of you. I think it was the eyes:).

Ashley said...

That's a lovely compliment! Thank you :)

Treva said...

i love the prada butterfly sunglasses. cute blog.


LiiiZziiie said...

heeeeeeey greetings from Guanajuato, mexico! i know u might be getting tired of reading this but its a shaaaaame TBL is so longer on air! loved your character because it was bitchy yet sweet... well hope to see more you and merry christmas

jen said...

i LOVED youre clothes in the beautiful life.

Neche said...

Just wanted to check out how you started. You are truly beautiful! Please visit my blog at for more fashion inspiration and pls leave a comment.thanks

Sarah Libros said...

Hope it isn't creepy that I'm this far back in your posts (I always go back to the beginning and read through lots of old posts when I find a new blog I like) but I am loving all of your comments on going back and forth from London and LA. I'm from Philly and living in London, and just finding all these little things so relatable. I have to copy and paste the pound sign whenever I need it, and am still always a little thrown off by the differences in keyboards when I use computers here.