Sunday, 11 January 2009

Hated things

1. Knitted Uggs. Death to them. Awful, awful things.


2. People who walk almost to the top of the escalator and then stand still. Ditto to the people who do it on the way down. They're even worse.


3. Liars, people who talk smack and wanksters. You know who you are.

4. Fake designer items on ebay. Eucci!?


5. My iPhone. It does everything except make calls.

6. Prawns. The big ones still in their shell. Ugh! I'm not into to any food that needs to be decapitated before I can eat it.


7. Dolphin tattoos. Especially on the lower back.


8. People who write scathing film reviews on their blog but don't bother to spell check it.

9. Facebook invites to Funky buddha and clubs in Kent/Essex.

10. Stale cream eggs. I swear some dodgy sweet shops keep the left over ones from last year and have the cheek to put them back out. When you bite into them they taste like dusty feet.


11. Bad customer service. Do not take your job dissatisfaction out on me.

12. Happy hardcore. What the fuck is happy about that?


I could do this all day.


dangre said...

How do you know what "Dusty Feet" taste like?

Ashley said...

I used my imagination.... I'm good like that.

rickybriggs said...

Babe i agree with everything u wrote. its all so true. By the way this is me new blog i made yesterday. check it out. x

Kevin Milly Morosky said...

your a fool x

Kevin Milly Morosky said...

haha No 3

ZeenaXena said...

I know this post is old but I love it lol!!!

kewut said...

very nice post, i like ur style

Julieta Barado said...

Love your blog! I would be grateful if you take a look of mine, Im new! Thank you :)